“Got your back!”  This is an expression assuring someone that you are watching out for them.  The saying comes from a situation where someone is making sure you are safe by watching what’s behind you when you’re busy looking ahead…when your friend, pal or colleague is by your side to make certain that you get through the troublesome, difficult, or tedious predicament you are dealing with.  Find a friend, an adult, a teacher or a pastor who can see what is behind you…someone who hopefully guards you from attack.  Find someone who “has your back!”

There are places where you can find real-life help with tough circumstances.  Begin with family, friends, church, counselors and teachers.  Let them be your personal lifeguard.  Lifeguards are focused on one thing only…saving lives!  Their lifeguard towers lift them up to see above the crowd and spot danger.  Lifeguards keep an eye out for others.  When they see signs of someone in need, they go into action.  We’re out to save a life!  Find someone to be your lifeguard!